Upcoming events in 2018:


July 19th 2018

Common Sense Reading

A Common Sense Reading Series and Open House Gallery's "Porch Programs" present readings by award-winning writers Hilary Plum and Zach Savich. 
Since 2011, A Common Sense reading series has brought over 150 prominent, mid-career poets and writers to read in Kansas City. It has also provided the venue for many of the Kansas City Art Institute's double majors in creative writing to read alongside these accomplished writers. For more information please visit http://acommonsenseseries.blogspot.com/

August 9th, 10th, & 11th  2018

The Future Total Group

Your phone is just as busy as you are, if not more. Always on and often multitasking, processing remote requests from all over the globe, your phone is exhausted and it's taking a toll on you. The Future Total Group wants to relieve this stress through the healing power of Circuito-spiritual Meditation, a powerful digital relaxation technique designed and researched by Dr. Elisa Baslile. 

Meditation for Computers is an interactive electronic performance designed to pacify phones and other network devices while illuminating, relaxing and engaging their human counterparts. This event series is based on the research of Dr. Basile and inspired by the poems of the late Mira Arim, utilizing technology developed by the Future Total Group. 
B.Y.O.P (bring your own phone)

August 25th 2018

Road Trip 

An exchange between two cities and two state streets

Open House (KCMO) + G-CADD (Granite City, IL)

Road Trip is a collaborative one-day celebration between two artist run spaces sitting on opposite sides of the Missouri border. In this livestreamed workshop we will be creating quick art objects that respond to written instructions delivered in the mail, which include materials that are reflective of each Kansas City, MO and Granite City, IL. Participants need no former training in art, and are encouraged to hang out, have a good time, and explore these materials creatively with one another.  Following the workshop, each city group will discuss the other’s work. Art and processes used during Road Trip will be documented by each organization and turned into a zine which will be freely distributed to each individual who comes to the event.


September 2018

Soonering - A 24 hour performance by Jessica Borusky.