Soonering: Prior to the Stopping Point

Soonering: Prior to the Stopping Point

a 24 hour performance by Jessica Borusky

Saturday September 1st @ 9:00 am - Sunday September 2nd 2018 @ 9:00 am

Soonering: Prior to the Stopping Point is a 24 hour performance, six hours in four parts: arrival/colonization, protection/posturing, domesticating, vacating.  Through fail-humor, the durational performance aims to (re)perform foundational actions that are embedded within American Exceptionalism, Masculinity, and Imaginary. Viewers are encouraged to enter the space, stay with the figure, leave and return as they please; the body in performance may or may not be receptive/responsive to viewers, and may move in and out of interaction, contemplation, and the composition. The Sooner is a: pioneer, landgrabber, fighter, villain, hero, racist, misogynist, queer, loner, outcast, cowboy, landowner, entrepreneur, thief, liar, investor, and (pro)specter. 

The term, as used for this body of work, is not to be celebrated nor used in distaste, for it is a deep and terrifying unspoken understanding, an ingrained socio-cultural underlying condition behind most of ... motives and actions. Soonering is a contemporary condition of American capitalism just as it was a term for people in the 1800's in Oklahoma. It is an ache and driving force behind a current American Exceptionalism. Sooner is to anticipate, a feeling located in a present body regarding the future. Collapsing this term with the suffix "ing," is to suggest that there is a futural condition that is constantly affecting the present. And in so doing, this presence is then marked from the futural imaginary, always. In this way, contemporary American capitalism operates as a continuum of mythologies and impacts that were built at the turn of the century and remain within the American psyche today. The performance, through duration, aims to unpack these seemingly contradictory conditions seamlessly through the speaking and performing body, activating language and composition that delves into American imagery and aesthetics.  

About the artist:

Jessica Borusky currently serves as the Artistic Director for Living Arts of Tulsa. Borusky is a curator, writer, educator, and artist- working in, and promoting through curation, conversation, and writing performance and research-based practices. Prior to their tenure at Living Arts, Jessica taught at the University of Missouri Kansas City, the Kansas City Art Institute and School of the Museum of Fine Arts; curated public art and performance programming for the Downtown Council of Kansas City; independently curated nomadic performance art festivals and interdisciplinary lecture programs; wrote for Informality Arts Blog and Art Focus Magazine; and has been the recipient of several grants for their performance practice. Forthcoming, Jessica will participate as artist and curator in an international performance art biennial in Chandigarh, India and work with artists and curators from New Zealand, the UK, Mexico, India, France, and Germany to develop an international performance art residency/exchange program between Living Arts and partner locations; work with the Oklahoma Center for Humanities to produce an alternative archive event in March 2019; and teach a new course for the University of Tulsa Art Department and Graduate Program in spring semester 2019, Curating Ephemeral Practice. Jessica holds an MFA from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies from the Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium at MIT.