Sit and Watch Conmigo

Sit and Watch Conmigo

by Silvia Beatriz Abisaab

August 18th 2018 / 6-9 pm

Program: Body Scan Meditation with Amy Zoe Schonhoff

August 19th 2018 / 2-3 pm

Sit and Watch Conmigo is an interactive installation that provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in being in the moment. Guests will be asked to utilize the fives senses to engage within the space and reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations that evolve from shared experiences. 


My video and photographic practice has made me aware of the ways mastery can seduce us to thinking we’ve done enough - the image captures all. 

For example, as a student, one is engaged in the act of discovery - every idea is filled with inexhaustible possibilities. Shifting from a student to professional mentality, that sense of discovery and challenge gives weigh to mastery. Once a problem is solved, there is a let down, you accomplished what you set out to do. It becomes rote. 

Patient observation and intention is key to this installation. Imagine being at an exhibition, you are challenged to view as much of the work as possible within the constraints of others interacting with the work at the same time. Notions of time play in this.

How much time can I devote to this work knowing that I have to meet other friends?
Have I focused? Have I been intentional in my observations? Have I given the work its due? For most, the answer is no. This installation asks the guest to intentionally be part of the work. 

You are a guest in this house. Experiences are provided for you. I invite you to engage mindfully with patience and intent and participate in each transition. 

This body of work is in response to observations gleaned from a mindfulness class taught by Amy Zoe Schonhoff. 

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the
present moment, and non-judgmentally.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn


About the artists:

Silvia Beatriz Abisaab is an artist and arts contributor based in Kansas City, MO. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016 where she acquired a passion to use photography and video to collaboratively work with individuals and organizations in the greater 
Kansas City community.

Silvia has exhibited locally at La Esquina, H&R Block Artspace, Vulpes Bastille, and contributed to numerous art spaces and organizations such as: 50/50, H&R Block Artspace, Epstein Gallery, Front/Space, KCAI Crossroads Center for Contemporary Practice, Front/Space, and the Charlotte Street Foundation.

She currently works in the Admissions department at the Kansas City Art Institute as a Regional Coordinator. In addition, she is a founding leader of the Artist of Color Alliance and Documentation Specialist with 50/50. 

Amy Zoe Schonhoff is the creator of Mindfulness in the Heartland, a professional venture dedicated to providing education and training in mindfulness-based interventions. Through her writing, public speaking and teaching, it is her intention to inspire others to live as if every moment matters. For more information, please visit