Down Home

Down Home

Sarah Star + The Minister of Information

February 18th @ 4-8pm

February 25h @  2-6pm

March 2nd @ 10am-2pm

Down Home is an inter-generational take on home, house, opportunity, wants and needs by the collaborative team, Father-Daughter Confessional. The project is anchored by two core components. The first, moving in, is loosely based on the notion of Sunday supper. And the second, moving out, centers on the notion of an estate sale. With each of these actions, FDC will strip the wallpaper from American Dream nostalgia to re-imagine home in its most essential form. A warm meal served at the kitchen table. The smell of freshly baked cookies. Fresh laundry in need of folding. A flickering fireplace. Or is it a mortgage in a flood plain? FEMA trailers? Buying low and selling high? What are your wants? What are your needs?

Down Home activations at Open House will be Sunday, Feb. 18th, 4-8pm and Sunday, Feb. 25th, 2-6pm. Food will be served. The culminating event will be Friday, March. 2nd, 10am-2pm.
Father-Daughter Confessional (FDC) is an inter-generational collaborative team comprised of m.o.i. (father) and Sarah Star (daughter) that examines the sins of middle-class America—of which there are many—through the lens of age, gender, and middle-class economics. FDC collaborates with community and artists to make art that reflects societal, rather than corporate, concerns. FDC’s humorous, yet thought provoking engagements, meld science, popular culture, and visual acumen to engage the public in unexpected places and challenge entrenched institutional thinking. FDC has created interventions coupling the perils of intractable political thought with activism directed against continued, cultural insensitivity for women’s issues (We Might be Wrong; Remember the Ladies). In More or Le$$, FDC engaged the public through a series of pop-ups directly aimed at the intersection of food deserts and hipster food culture in one of America’s wealthiest counties. FDC’s activism re-imagined corporate giveaways (Köttbullar: Examining our Meatball Culture) transforming an advertising strategy designed to create corporate wealth into a system for expanding community capital. Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style created a working barbershop that served as a salon-within-a-salon for citizen discourse on issues of overlooked importance in the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential election. Listen In examined the intersection of private conversations in a public world. More info about the team and past projects: