Upcoming events in 2018:


May 4th - May 26th 2018

How to Loiter 

How to Loiter seeks to reimagine and create public sites for loitering through a tongue-incheek Public Service Announcement-style exhibition and campaign that examines the loitering laws in various cities around the United States. Organized by artist Paul Shortt.


May 19th 2018

Exploring in Threes  

An exploration in three through music.

Three trios will perform premeditated arrangements of music, most of which will be in 3/4 time signature. At times the trios will perform the same song simultaneously, or modulate to play in keys major or minor thirds apart, evolving to free improvised movements. 

Audience members can sit and enjoy a single trio, or move about Open House at their leisure.


June 1st - June 20th 2018

P L A Y P I T 

P L A Y P I T is a collaborative installation by St. Louis based artists Marina Peng and Rachel Youn. The exhibition plays with the ways in which people turn to simulations of nature to seek asylum from everyday life. Marina and Rachel will be taking over the interior of Open House with artificial exaggerations of natural phenomena. Visitors must remove their shoes before entering the plush and sensorial space. As they make their way through the constructed environment, P L A Y P I T evokes the absurdity and shortcomings of our escapist tendencies.


June 23rd - June 24th 2018

Soonering - A 24 hour performance by Jessica Borusky.


August 25th 2018

Road Trip 

An exchange between two cities and two state streets

Open House (KCMO) + G-CADD (Granite City, IL)

Road Trip is a collaborative one-day celebration between two artist run spaces sitting on opposite sides of the Missouri border. In this livestreamed workshop we will be creating quick art objects that respond to written instructions delivered in the mail, which include materials that are reflective of each Kansas City, MO and Granite City, IL. Participants need no former training in art, and are encouraged to hang out, have a good time, and explore these materials creatively with one another.  Following the workshop, each city group will discuss the other’s work. Art and processes used during Road Trip will be documented by each organization and turned into a zine which will be freely distributed to each individual who comes to the event.