Same, Pero Diferente

Same, Pero Diferente

Kiki Serna & Rebeka Moguel

Opening: Saturday July 27th @ 6:00-9:00pm

Open through August 23rd

Same, Pero Diferente is a collaborative exhibition between Kiki Serna and Rebeka Moguel that examines cultural differences and similarities within Latinx traditions, specifically through the immigrant lens. Using significant iconography, symbolism, autobiographical content, and cultural history this exhibit creates a platform for both artists to engage in. Within the unique setting of Open House, the two artists will be mirroring the theme of the home, and domesticity, while working within concepts of their own immigrant story, family, and memory. Through these themes, they address the complex and sometimes difficult components of being an immigrant while also sharing the resulting subcultures surrounding children of immigrants, formed from the need to survive, grow and continue. This collaboration aims to attract viewers and participants from a vast range of personal histories, familial backgrounds, and domestic practices while creating a conversation on shared experiences and intersectionality.

About the artists:

Rebeka Pech Moguel is a Latinx visual artist based in Kansas City. She works predominantly in photography and installation with an emphasis in studying home and cultural history. She has a Bachelor in Fine arts from Kansas City Art Institute, was a resident at SÍM: The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavik, Iceland, and a current CSF Resident. Her work has been shown in recent exhibitions at H&R Block Artspace, La Esquina, PLUG Projects, and will be featured on the Missouri Bank Crossroads Artboards.

Aquetzali (Kiki) Serna is a Latinx visual artist based in Kansas City. Kiki works within \performance, painting, engrudo sculpture, and collage based practices. Kiki uses color to celebrate the empowering aspects of her immigrant story and experience. Using color as her ally, she relives vicariously through the passages she once walked as a child - The brightly colored buildings, the sweet taste of fruit outside her great grandfather's home, and the lively, populated streets. Kiki has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute, and is a current Charlotte Street Resident. She has recently shown her work at H&R Block Artspace, La Esquina, and will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Henry Zarrow Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.