The Drawing Club

The Drawing Club

Cadence Learned, Miranda Pratt, Allison Sheldon, August DeMarea, Lydia Langebach, Rosa Byun, Hazel Ingram, Cameron Kunke, Emily Alvarez, Fuko Ito, Valley McWest, Ray Bananapaintbrush, and Eugene Sarmiento

Opening: Saturday June 8th @ 6:00-9:00pm

Drawing Sessions:

June 8th 6:00-9:00pm

June 14th: Time TBD

June 21st: Time TBD

The Drawing Club is a group exhibition of drawings and zines, with programs of weekly communal drawing sessions for the duration of the show. The drawing club includes the works of artists hailing from the KC and Lawrence area. The artists included are Cadence Learned, Miranda Pratt, Allison Sheldon, August DeMarea, Lydia Langebach, Rosa Byun, Hazel Ingram, Cameron Kunke, Emily Alvarez, Fuko Ito, Valley McWest, Ray Bananapaintbrush, and Eugene Sarmiento. This group of misfits formed shortly after meeting each other at KC Zine con #4 wanting and needing a community to draw with and chit chat about art. We want to share this experience of having a safe place to belong and to meet other groups of artists and the general public. It has been a heartwarming experience bridging the gap of Lawrence and KC through the act of drawing. All artists come from diverse households and backgrounds, professions and interests, but are all attracted to the communal aspect of creating art/ drawing.

About the artists:

August DeMarea is a home grown local from Kansas City with a passion for squiggles and all things that make him curious. He considers himself a hybrid illustrator and designer with heavy interests in editorial, design, and print based media. August explores a lot of abstraction of imagery with symbols and mark making for his compositions. Experimentation is a big part in his practice, applying new techniques and trades to his work that range from traditional to digital methods. His influences ranges from fanciful medieval manuscripts, Hieronymus Bosch, Keith Haring, and the infamous modern cartoon Adventure Time.

Enjoys a variety of cartoons, horror and comedy podcasts, medieval art goods, speaking in squiggles, and tigers.

Fuko Ito was born and raised in Kobe, Japan where she grew her love for storytelling through reading books and comics. She moved to the US to study printmaking and drawing and currently resides and works in Lawrence, KS as an artist and educator. Through drawing and storytelling, Fuko hopes to take her viewers and readers onto a plushy, heartfelt journey to an imagined, soft alternate universe inhabited by a community of naked and radically soft creatures known as fumblys.

Lydia Langebach is an illustrator, painter, doodler, fun-haver, and sulker living in both Lawrence, KS and the online world. Her current favorite subjects to draw are cats, high fantasy characters, flowers, and large blocks of color. As a lover of both cartoons and contemporary fine art, she often questions the way the art world is divided into “low” and “high” art, and what is allowed to be called as such and why.

Miranda Pratt is a fiber artist, illustrator and bookworm from Lawrence, KS, currently living in Kansas City, MO. Their drawings and embroideries are often colorful and diagrammatic, using elements of storytelling, improvisation, and play. When they’re not doodling on the backs of cereal boxes, they love learning, listening, and making lists.

Nia Rutledge is an interdisciplinary artist that is equally passionate and involved with new media and traditional media. Her most recent explorations include video game design, creative coding, experimental website design, and conceptual object prototyping. Among this, Nia Rutledge always finds her self going back to her first love of drawing and has begun to incorporate painting into her private practice. Nia Rutledge has a few experimental ongoing performance pieces under the names of Kinky Spooky, NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE and ARKADE KYTTY all incorporating poetry, music (RAP!!) and experimental film and animation in a variety of ways. With the Kansas City Art Institute, recent closing of her major, Interactive Arts, Nia Rutledge has been forced to become an art school drop out ;~) and has hopes of using this as an opportunity to become more involved in the arts community in the Kansas City and Lawrence area.

Eugene Sarmiento was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He studied printmaking at the University of Texas Arlington earning his Bachelors of Fine Art in 2014 and his Masters of Fine Art at the University of Kansas in drawing and printmaking. Eugene drew often while growing up and became obsessed with the action created through drawing- the exploration of mark making and making acceptable messes. Eugene is still obsessed with these characteristics of drawing all the while exploring many other mediums including painting, printmaking, bookmaking, and installation.