Chain Mail

Chain Mail

Brandon Bandy, Wil Driscoll, Shawn Burkard

Opening: Friday May 10th @ 6:00-9:00pm

Open by appt through May 27th 2019 

Chain Mail is a collaborative exhibition featuring St. Louis based artists Brandon Bandy, Shawn Burkard, and Wil Driscoll. All working in varied mediums with vastly different practices they are executing experimental and collaborative pieces that pull from each other’s work, building on and repurposing them. By removing the photograph from the constraints of a frame, they will use Open House to explore the integration of images into architecture and as materials for construction by reacting to the house and creating site-specific works.

About the artists:

Brandon Bandy is a photographer and visual artist living in St. Louis MO. He is the co-owner of Riso Hell, a risograph printing and publishing operation. His practice investigates the superfluity of images we encounter and how these amalgamations of cultural signifiers and subcultural identities have generated the singular aesthetic of Internet Era image permutation. A hybrid of image creation and appropriation, his work mirrors the way we use digital platforms to create our identity.

Shawn Burkard is a multimedia artist living in St. Louis MO. Burkard received his MFA in 2017 from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis MO. His work is primarily informed by the language of bohemian surf counter culture intertwined with the techno-utopian hi-tech industries of Silicon Valley; both ideologies fuze together in his work to form an amalgamation of DIY methods and high finish styling.

Wil Driscoll is a St. Louis based photographer, with a BA in photography from Webster University. Primarily drawing from subcultural aesthetics and the ever-changing suburban landscape, Wil documents fleeting moments as well as assembling objects to create his own curated alternate reality, a reality that is only slightly off from our own, and that feels timeless.